Customize your gear


Line length and choice of lines can influence the performance of your kite.

Each discipline demands his own type of line. Not talking about quality but the main rule, the thinner the line the less air resistance, less drag so more direct steering. Strength is key though, you can not go out in 40knots, pulling megaloops on 180kg lines. Otherwise in light winds you don’t need a 500kg line to fly your kite!

Line length can be very personal but in general shorter lines (<20m) have a smaller window, so generating power is more difficult than longer lines (>20m). Testing is the only way to go!


I do recommend the following:

Freeride: 20m-24m

Wave: 18m-22m

Frestyle: 20m-24m

Race: 12m-17m

Mama & ik


In the shop we have several options to upgrade your bar.

Safety System: depending on your wishes, 4 different safety systems can be modified to your bar. Each safety system comes from a highly dependable manufactor. For the stormriders we recommend sticking to your standard safety sytem.

Depower cleat: we can modifie your bar with or without clam cleat. Waveriders seem to love the simplicity of a bar with no clam cleat. I highly recommend to any waverider or foiler!

Bar: the shop has 2 different carbon bars in stock. Racers and foilers need a carbon bar in light winds.

Chicken loop: short or long loops, as you wish for.

Little League

Kite & Board

After almost 10 years fixing kites of any brand out there, I am fortune to have a good knowledge of building strength and the ratio quality/fly performance of any kite out there.


At the shop we have 3 kite brands AIRUSH, OZONE, FLYSURFER and 5 boardbrands in the house AIRUSH, OZONE, FLYSURFER, SHINN and FONE which I support 100%.

For foil kites we have the 2 big brands in the house: FLYSURFER and OZONE! Combined with the workshop, simply the best after-service in Belgium! Contact me for prof advice and hear all about the benefits of foil kites.

ALPINEFOIL, LEVITAZ, MOSES and FONE are the foil suppliers.

Next to brand warranty you receive another 1 year free repair, so any damage caused yourself is covered.