Airush Livewire V7 Team

959,00 €Prijs
  • High performance freestyle machine.
    Perfect balance of weight, rocker & flex for response.
    Carbon Nano Rod technology.

    The Livewire Team is designed for the high-performance freestyle rider, who is focused on the perfect balance of weight, rocker, flex, and response. The shape features a deep channel and concaved combo bottom in conjunction with the highest rocker in our range, making this board a competition machine. With the optimized 3D deck, the Livewire Team has an insane amount of pop, to assist fast rotations during complex maneuvers, aid with impact absorption, all whilst keeping the board light underfoot.

    138 x 41   140 x 42   142 x 43

    Deep channel and concave combo bottom shape.
    Subtle rail channels.
    ABS 2.0 reinforced inserts.

    Full biaxial carbon deck and bottom.
    Carbon Nano Rod technology.
    Ultra lightweight top and bottom sheet.


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