Airush Mini Monster Convert V3

1.099,00 €Prijs
  • Ideal shape for onshore & flat water.
    Simple low drag foil conversion (90 x 165mm plate).
    Durable & flexible Reflex Bamboo construction.

    Featuring the unique Airush low drag foil insert, the Mini Monster Convert is the perfect board for foiling, smaller waves, lighter wind or flat-water riding. With well-distributed volume throughout the board and a performance rail, early planing and sub-planing performance are easily achieved, while maintaining incredible turning and carving abilities. The stainless-steel inserts create minimal drag when the board is not being used in foil configuration, while still enabling a simple mounting process for foil use.

    4’10” (147cm)  19″ (48.2cm)   2.4″ (6cm)  24.5L
    5’2″ (157cm)   19.5″ (49.5cm)   2.45″ (6.2cm)   27.5L
    5’6″ (168cm)   20″ (50.8cm)   2.65″ (6.7cm)   33.5L
    5’10” (178cm)   20.5″ (52cm)   2.75″ (7cm)   38.5L