Airush Shredder V2

699,00 €Prijs
  • Directional wave-oriented twintip.
    Surf performance fin configuration.
    Rollaway nose chamfer for a better surf feeling.

    Derived from a love of waves and having an all-around good time, the Shredder lets you shred waves, and is also great for standard twintip riding. Designed with an optional six-fin configuration for that extra surf feel, or a standard four-fin twintip set-up for ultimate fun. The footstraps have an offset option allowing you to ride centered or offset towards the back, with the extra fins for a more directional surf feel.

    141 x 44

    Offset stance for directional performance.
    Channeled tail for extra traction.

    Lightweight durable top sheet.
    Midweight triaxial fiberglass.
    Scratch resistant bottom sheet.

    AK Element – Teal