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Alpinefoil Combo Acces V3 + VR3

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  • The Foil : The AlpineFoil Origin kitefoil is completely removable, easy to use and make the glide very simple for an optimal progressivity. AlpineFoil has reworked the fuselage and put a sacrifcial anode in order to avoid corrosion issues, the mast and has changed the housing  for a 4 holes plate in order to reduce the cost. This kitefoil is very secure and will give you many pleasure on the water. Compatible with the RTeam wings range.

    The Board : The VR3 foilboard convertible surfkite has been designed to guarantee takeoff (thanks to its double concave hull), as well as excellent speeding. Fluid and intuitive, it ensures the rider control and safety. The new colors and the matte finish are simply awesome. 

    This package includes : 1 board VR3 139 x 48 - 20 liters, 1 carbon wing Lift STD and 1 carbon stabilizer, 1 aluminium 95cm mast and 1 aluminum fuselage, GIS galvanic isolators, A4 stainless steel mounting bolting, one 4 holes plate.