Kitefoil AlpineFoil Rave Air 100 - Choice of RTeam carbon wing: Wave 700, Wave 1200, Lift 800, GT 480 or Race 580 + RTeam stabilizer - KF-Box integrated into the mast. Level: beginner to expert.


Alpinefoil Rave AIR 100

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  • New AlpineFoil: After the immense success of the Rave, the foil maneuvers specialist in the range, Alpine responds to the freeride / freestyle trend by releasing the Rave Air. Thanks to its 100 cm mast fitted with Carbon Air technology, this foil is even lighter and easier to handle than its full carbon counterpart. In addition, its construction in M40J high modulus carbon ensures rigidity to any test, and therefore unequaled precision and control in the turns.

    This enormous innovation, coupled with the Wave 1200, makes the Rave Air and its 100 cm mast the perfect toy for waves. We have kept the S shape technology to considerably reduce cavitation and provide maximum sensations to the rider.

    In addition to staying at the top for carving, freeride, freestyle and wave, the latest kite foil of the brand opens the field of possibilities since it is perfectly suited for wingfoil, surffoil and SUPfoil.

    The new Rave Air therefore excels in tight curves, swell descent, wave surfing, transition and jump. This playful and energetic foil has an extraordinary agility and pop, but its homogeneous behavior and its ultra light short mast also make it a foil suitable for beginners. Quickly, the beginner rider can enjoy the incredible sensations that the Rave Air has to give.




    Finally, as always, AlpineFoil wants to make the rider benefit from a Made in France foil for a unique quality and finish. This is why we find in this foil all the technologies that have made the reputation of the brand:

    • Wings and mast 100% continuous carbon fiber (MCF technology)
    • The housing integrated into the continuous carbon fiber mast with two fixing screws for a perfectly rigid connection (MCBox technology)
    • The anti-ventilation "S shape" mast (ACS technology)
    • The high-performance RTeam finish for incomparable glide quality
    • A fuselage machined from a single block of 6061 T6 aluminum (used in the aviation industry)
    • FRDS technology which guarantees optimal flow
    • The sacrificial anode, revolutionary anti-corrosion system 100% AlpineFoil (SACS technology)

    ACS Anti Cavitation System
    FRDS Fuselage with Reduced Drag System
    MCBox Monobloc Carbon Box
    MCF Monobloc continuous Carbon Fiber
    SACS Sacrificial Anode anti Corrosion System

    This package includes: RTeam carbon wing Wave 700, Wave 1200, Lift 800, GT 480 or Race 580 + RTeam carbon stabilizer in matt varnish + RTeam S shape carbon mast 100 cm with integrated box in matt varnish finish, 69 cm aluminium fuselage CNC machined 5 axis, sacrificial anode, GIS shims, A4 Torx stainless steel mounting hardware.


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