Titanium AlpineFoil kitefoil - Choice of carbon RTeam wing + RTeam Race stabilizer - KF-Box integrated into the mast. Level: confirmed to competitor.

Alpinefoil Titanium Air Carbon

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  • Innovations:

    New construction of the carbon pieces :

    • Now eqquipped with the all new AlpineFoil AIR technology which ensures a significant gain in lightness and maneuverability, while remaining ultra rigid.

    Fuselage totally renewed:

    • Rounded rostrum for more safety, but still advanced over the wing for unmatched performance,
    • Finer section and drift, 100% optimized for optimal laminar flow and trajector control,
    • Improved karmans,
    • Advanced wedging with maximum adjustment possibilities
    • FRDS* technology by AlpineFoil that further optimizes the already sensational glide of Titanium .

    We have kept:

    • The RTeam carbon fiber wings and mast,
    • 5-axis CNC machined titanium,
    • The long fuselage for an extraordinary stability,
    • AlpineFoil patented technologies ACS, GIS, VAS, RSS, MCBox *,
    • Torx hardware A4 supplied,
    • One mounting key for all elements,
    • Exceptional lightness,
    • Unusual strength and rigidity,
    • Unbeatable quality.

    * FRDS: Fuselage with Reduced Drag System

       ACS: Anti Cavitation System

       VAS: Variable Angle System

       RSS: Reflex Stability System

       MCBox: Monobloc Carbon Box

    The kitefoil AlpineFoil Titanium  is the most prestigious foil ever. Result of a mix of know-how and high performance technologies, the Titanium reveals unlimited capacities.

    Rigid, resistant, light, stable, safe, reliable, design, fast, sensational and efficient, the Titanium is the height of foils on the market. Its glide, of an extraordinary quality signed AlpineFoil, will impress you by its fluidity and vivacity.

    This package includes : Carbon matte finish choice of wing + RTeam carbon matte stabilizer + RTeam carbon matte mast with integrated KF-Box, titanium fuselage machined with 5-axis CNC, GIS wedges, A4 stainless steel mounting bolting.