Alpinefoil Ultimate

    • New in the world of foil : presence of a sacrificial anode to stop corrosion (SACS technology)
    • Fuselage totally renewed:
      • New design
      • Rounded rostrum for added safety, but still advanced over the wing for unmatched performance,
      • Thinner section and fin, 100% optimized for optimal laminar flow and trajector control,
      • New karmans,
      • New wedging with maximum adjustment possibilities,
      • FRDS* technology by AlpineFoil that always optimizes the already sensational glide of the Ultimate 2018.
    • New mast:
      • New architecture for maximum performance,
      • Anti-ventilation system guaranteed at 0% stall
    • New RTeam stabilizer with Race wing profile for perfect glide and stability

    We have kept:

    • The RTeam carbon fiber wings and mast,
    • 5-axis CNC machined aluminium,
    • The long fuselage for an extraordinary stability,
    • AlpineFoil patented technologies ACS, GIS, VAS, RSS, MCBox *,
    • Torx hardware A4 supplied,
    • One mounting key for all elements,
    • Exceptional lightness,
    • Unusual strength and rigidity,
    • Unbeatable quality.

    * SACS: Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System

       FRDS: Fuselage with Reduced Drag System

       ACS: Anti Cavitation System

       GIS: Galvanic Isolator System

       VAS: Variable Angle System

       RSS: Reflex Stability System

       MCBox: Monobloc Carbon Box



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