BWS Stallion V3 FCSII

899,00 €Prijs
  • Shaped by Dano See from DSDmfg, also head kite designer from BWSurf and collaborating with other global kitesurf brands.

    This 3 stage rocker with concave is called “Modern Planing Hull” nowadays but actually this has been around in the sister sport of windsurfing for decades before it found its way to the still young sport of kitesurfing. It’s all stemmed from early days of surfing, when a lot of shaping was done with channels. What is unique in Stallion is the mix of conceptual paths the water can flow which does make it plane early, ride fast, turn tight and be completely drag free. There is a precise formula of fin placement, width and channel dispersion, which makes these boards the best kitesurfing boards on the market today.

    The unique bottom concave and further refined concaved channel concept gives the Stallion V3 the super fast drive and control in all conditions. The Stallion was especially designed for kitesurfing in the waves and strapless freestyle: thin, low volume, sharp rails, light and super strong with flex for highest performance.  The way to go for you to enjoy the most sensational kite sesh ever.


    • 5’0 x 17’4 x 1’88. 19,3L 2,8kg/6lb
    • 5’2 x 17’88 x 2′. 22L 2,9kg/6,2lb
    • 5’4 x 18’33 x 2’12. 24L 3kg/6,4lb. 

    • 5’0: Weight 65/80kg. Rider 155-175cm
    • 5’2: Weight 75/90kg. Rider 170-185cm
    • 5’4: Weight 85/+100kg. Rider180-200cm