F One Peak 20% Carbon Vario

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  • The PEAK paddles are designed for surfing. 

    Their round but slender outline makes them very easy to handle and only requires low stroke power. They are well suited to a higher paddling frequency, which is ideal for take-off. The PEAK have an optimized amount of spoon and angle in the blade to achieve a paddle which is super easy to get in and out of the water in any circumstances.

    For 2016, some new blade shapes are introduced in the 70% and 100% ranges. They feature a V Double Concave section shape which enhances significantly the lateral stability while the blade is in the water. Benefitting from a better support, the stroke is easier and fatigue is reduced. The PEAK 20 features a new thinner shaft diameter, for the 70% and 100% carbon models, with slightly more flex for a better hand grip and an easier paddling.

    Easy to use the PEAK paddles are available in many different constructions. They are therefore well suited to all-around practice but will also satisfy the best surfers with the feather weight achieved using the 100% carbon constructions. 

    Dimensions 40 x 18 cm 43 x 19 cm 46 x 20 cm 46 x 21 cm
    Weight 575 g* 625 g* 700 g* 715 g*
    Shaft ø 26 mm 26 mm 29 mm 29 mm
    Area 470 cm2
    73 in2
    518 cm2
    80 in2
    582 cm2
    90 in2
    610 cm2
    ​95 in2



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