The Mellow Drive S is highly attractive for all electric skateboard newcomers, and those who have so far just dreamt of owning a Mellow. 

In short, the Mellow Drive S is the lean version of the Mellow Drive. Softer performance peaks, but still with all the safety features and high quality made in Germany. 


- Upgradeable with smart kits 

- Max 25 km/h

- 10km Range



Mellow Drive S

699,00 €Prijs
  • Mellow Drive 

    Mellow is the first ever drive system for skateboards that can be mounted under any deck. Just unscrew your rear truck and replace it with the Mellow Drive – simple as that.

    • •Quality product „Made in Germany“
    • •Weight incl. battery 3,9 kg (8.6 lbs)
    • •Size 366 x 174 x 59 mm (14 x 7 x 2.5 inches)

    The Motors

    • •Two in-wheel motors
    • •Torque 1,7 Nm each
    • •Topspeed 40 km/h
    • •Maximum Grade 20%
    • •Water and dust proof (IP65)
    • •Freewheeling when you push
    • •Exchangeable wheels

    The Frame

    • •Solid magnesium singleframe
    • •Standard 6-hole, 180mm truck
    • •Click-in mechanism for the battery

    The Battery Pack

    Quality lithium ion cells from the Tesla supplier with a Battery Management System (BMS) that protects them from overheating, deep discharge and too high currents.

    • •Range 10km
    • •Charge 3,5hrs
    • •Fast Charge 45min
    • •Full charge cycles 1.000
    • •Weight 1000g
    • •Energy 99Wh
    • •Swappable via click-in mechanism
    • •Certified for airtravel
    • •Water and dust proof (IP65)
    • •Powerbank with USB port

    The Mellow Remote

    The custom-built Mellow slide control gives you perfect control over throttle and brake.

    • •One button device
    • •Switch between 4 riding modes
    • •LED displaying state of charge
    • •Vibrating alert before discharge
    • •Rubber coated for better grip
    • •Safety wrist strap
    • •Encrypted bluetooth connection
    • •Size 110 x 36 x 23 mm (4.5 x 1.5 x 1 inches)

    The Brakes

    Mellow has a dual braking system that #1 regenerates your battery and #2 still works when you are fully charged. Whereas most of the existing rides switch their brakes off at that point.

    The Mellow App

    • •Available for iOS and Android
    • •Monitor your data charge, range, speed and distance
    • •Switch between 4 riding modes
    • •Access to the Mellow community


    Mellow is a state-of-the-art product, developed, tested and produced in Germany. We want you to enjoy the Endless Ride for many seasons to come. That’s why we will always go the extra mile to deliver you the best quality possible.

    • 2 year warranty  for the drive system and the remote
    • 1 year warranty  for the battery pack


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