Moses racing machine designed with the goal to be the fastest Hydrofoil around the course. 

Moses Comet 111 AR

1.999,00 €Prijs
  • Full high modulus carbon, the Moses engineers designed the Comet with the goal to deliver the fastest performance in terms of speed, low drag and consequently upwind ability in order to provide a stable and easy control ride.


    Pack content:



    - 1x MM111 - Mast COMET


    - 1 x MFK - Fuselage


    - 1x MW637 - Front Wing 637mm


    - 1x MS420 - Stabilizzer 420mm


    - 4x Bushing M6x10mm


    - 2x Socket head cap Screw M6x25mm


    - 3x Flat Head Screw M6x20mm


    - 2x Flat Head Screw M6x16mm



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