Board comes with fins only! Don't forget to add the Shinn Sneakers, check below.

Shinn Bronq Luigi

899,00 €Prijs
  • e Bronq Luigi was developed to a highly specialised design brief–un-rivalled, plush, freeriding enjoyment and when Kiteworld magazine describe it as “loose, playful and (with) the ability to ride for hours without feeling battered” we think our efforts have not gone astray.

    Created with the ability to adapt your riding, your mood or simply the conditions on hand -our unique blend of paulownia/balsa core and Hi-Modulous Spread-Tow carbon not only surpasses all previous generations of Bronq but redefines the standard for lightweight performance, comfort and control.

    What can expect when you ride it? Plush flex and extreme chop eating capabilities without feeling “spongy” or sluggish upwind, massive boosting grip and acceleration when you need it and effortless rail-like carving without wearing you down no matter how wild the conditions become. Bronq Luigi is the place where technology and design philosophy combine for the ultimate in engineered kiteboarding pleasure.

  • Sizes


    135 x 41

    136 x 42

    137 x 43


    Ultimate High Performance Freeride

    Next Generation Lightweight Construction

    Amazing range and ease of use


    Combined Balsa/Paulownia Wood Core

    Hi-Modulous Spread Tow Carbon


    Constant Curve Rocker

    Split Concave Mould

    Double Stepped Tips


    BITE Hi-performance Fins

    Sneaker 6 or Sneaker HMT (optional)